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Chorlton Bike Deliveries is proud of the work we do to support communities and community organisations. We pick up unsold food from supermarkets every weekday and deliver it to Emmeline's Pantry, Barlow Moor Community Assocation, the The Den Cafe and Quids In (Southway Housing's food project). These organisation then distribute it on to community members who need it.


We also deliver pre-prepared food on behalf of Cracking Good Food and Tibetan Kitchen's Food Fantastic Project. Both of these organisations have been preparing hot food since the start of the pandemic for people in need and we deliver it on their behalf. 


We do a twice weekly pick up of used coffee grounds from cafes around Chorlton to take to allotments for use as mulch and composting. We also did 'care package' deliveries during lockdown from Whalley Range Community Forum, Chorlton Good Neighbours and Beech Road Pharmacy. More recently, we have worked with Whalley Range Community Forum to delivery ingredients packages to their Eat Well to Live Well participants enabling them to try the new recipes.

We have a project with Refugee Aid (Care UK) doing up ununsed bikes to be used by asylum-seekers and refugees. Our resident mechanic Dave has brought over 100 bikes back to life which have been distributed to where they are needed. So great to give people a means of free transport!

If you have an unused bike to donate to this fantastic project, contact us.

If your community project needs help with deliveries, contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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