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Our new Re-Cycle scheme picks up good quality clothing

and household items for Refugee Action or Charlity shops. 

We have a volunteer rider out every Monday and Wednesday morning working on this project, so if you are having a clear out and need help with 're-homing', please call on 07561 737986 or email on

Funded by Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund and Suez

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We're so excited to have launched our trishaw scheme!!

First stage is to find 'pilots' to ride the trishaws and train them up,

so do contact us if you are interested.

After that, the trishaw will be available to take out those unable to get on a bike themselves to feel the wind in their hair.



2021 in numbers

The Fleet 2

In 2021, our riders pedalled 10,000 km.

This led to an estimated saving of 1.9 tonnes CO2. Fewer car and van miles also means less health-damaging particles from diesel in the air so better public health.

But that's not all... Wasted food causes unnecessary CO2 emissions from production that wasn't needed as well as decomposition. Our daily bread pick-ups turned an estimated 7.8 tonnes of potentially wasted CO2 emissions into useful ones over the last year!

And that's a combined saving of nearly 10 tonnes of unnecessary CO2 in 2021!

It's Official - We are a co-op!!


As of 19 April 2121, Chorlton Bike Deliveries is a multi-stakeholder co-operative consisting of riders, customers, community organisation and independent traders. Together these members will determine our strategic direction and take up new opportunities in line with broad community needs. 

These are Exciting Times! Watch this space to see what comes next!

Our Social Feeds...

Old News...

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Christmas Tree


(Dec 2020)

We are now delivering Christmas Trees from the following local independent retailers, right to your door...

Chorlton Nursery

Hulme Community Garden Centre

Adam's Greengrocers

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