It's Official! We are a Co-operative!

Our founder members met for the first time on 19 April at a really positive inaugural meeting and first multi-stakeholder cooperative AGM.

From now, riders, customers, local community organisations, independent traders and supportive residents will steer Chorlton Bike Deliveries' strategic direction. 


The term 'multi-stakeholder' refers to

our membership being made up of different groups. This will ensure development is in line with broad community needs. Furthermore, the varied skills and interests of these people will allow CBD to develop and take up new opportunities into the future. 

These are Exciting Times! Watch this space to see what comes next...


Happy Birthday to us!

Didn't we have a loverly time ... on our 1st birthday celebration ride around Chorlton? ​

The sun shone and we with rode with whistles, bells and balloons waving at shoppers and people in the cafes and bars enjoying being out again.


Chai and momos from our friends at Tibetan Kitchen and birthday biscuits finished the celebration in fine style!




 New areas of work as we come out of lockdown

We are very excited about our new partnership with Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust.


In March 2021, we started a twice daily job taking medical samples from local GPs to Withington Community Hospital. From there, they go on to Wythenshawe Hospital Path Lab.

Image above is Kevin Slater, Facilities Manager at MUHT trying out one of our bikes alongside

CBD's Nick Dixon.

If your business can make use of bike deliveries, either one-off or regular please contact us

Facts and Figures 2020


From our launch on Earth Day (22 April 2020) until end of Dec, Chorlton Bike Deliveries rode a total of

3000 pedal-powered miles.

That's saved 840kg CO2 emissions from equivalent car journeys, or the amount that 38 10-year-old trees absorb in a full year!


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Christmas Tree


(Dec 2020)

We are now delivering Christmas Trees from the following local independent retailers, right to your door...

Chorlton Nursery

Hulme Community Garden Centre

Adam's Greengrocers

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